It's time to get your 2024 Christmas Party all wrapped up!

Christmas Parties in Cheltenham

Here you will find a choice of Christmas party in the spa town of Cheltenham, which is renowned for its racecourse, the Cheltenham Festival and Gold Cup. We’ve a wide choice of parties to offer in this magnificent town with shared and private parties taking place in restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels and wherever there’s a place to sit, eat and party! Each venue we have to offer has something unique and different to capture your imagination for a wonderful shared or private company party.


What better way to catch up with family, friends and work colleagues than an evening together at a shared Christmas party night. Whether you are a small group of 10, or larger group of 200 guests, having an amazing time and a wow experience together is all that makes a party night to remember. 

Our website has a wide choice of Christmas party venues across Cheltenham including hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, all ready to share the buzz a party creates. Shared party nights come with the benefit of the venue, entertainment and catering costs being shared by all the party goers. 


If you are looking for a venue for your private exclusive Christmas party this year, then we are here to help you. The planning and idea process can be time consuming so with us having over 20 years of creating and managing Christmas parties our team will work with you to develop your ideas to make a party to remember, for all the right reasons. 

Our team specialise in entertainment experiences and stunning theme production to give your Christmas party the ultimate wow factor. You will not be disappointed!

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