It's time to get your 2024 Christmas Party all wrapped up!

Christmas Parties in Aberdeen

We’ve an excellent choice of Christmas parties in Aberdeen for everyone to enjoy! This port city, where the Dee and Don rivers meet the North Sea, is known as the ‘Granite City’ for its many grey-stone buildings. It supports strong fishing and north sea oil industries and has a wealth of art galleries and theatres. It has a wide mixed nightlife scene with parties take place in restaurants to high-end hotels, or at your favourite sporting venue. Whether you are looking for a sit-down dinner for a small group to then move on to a nightclub, or to take over a venue for the private company Christmas party, all are available.


Shared Christmas party nights are a great way to catch up with friends, family and work colleagues, to exchange what’s happening for a night together by simply enjoying a dinner and a few drinks. Our website has an amazing choice of Christmas parties to pick, from sporting venues, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs, and many more options.

Whether your party is for 10 or 200 guests, shared parties are good value for money with catering and entertainment costs, so everyone benefits in making Aberdeen the ideal place to party this year!


If you are looking for your very own exclusive party where the venue space is all your own, but daunted by the planning involved, then that’s where we can help. We have over 20 years’ experience in creating and managing events, from finding the perfect venue, to providing stunning theming and original entertainment ideas, to being there on the day to ensure it all runs smoothly. 

Whether it’s a private space in a high-end hotel or your favourite sporting venue in Aberdeen, we’ll work with you to make your private party extremely special and memorable for all the right reasons.

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